Sterling AT9500 Tandem Axle Daycab Review From KC Wholesale

Setting the Scene for a review on the Sterling AT9500 Tandem Axle Day Cab:

When writing a review like this one, there are many different things that you have to consider. The first thing that we want to talk about, for people who might want to consider purchasing a truck such as this one, are the key parts that make this type of vehicle worth purchasing. The kinds of things that will have a huge impact on the reliability and its ability to be a profit earning vehicle. In this review we attempt to stay away from too many personal opinions.  Instead, we want to focus on things that will help determine if this particular truck is worth purchasing for them or not. The meat and potatoes of making an intelligent purchasing decision.Sterling AT9500


One of the most important features when talking about a truck that is going to do a lot of heavy duty hauling up and down the road, is the engine.  Reliability is on the top of the list when it comes to your purchasing decision because it impacts your ability to earn money.  The thing about this make and model is that they have used a variety of engines throughout the years. We can tell you that the type of engines that they have used have fit a specific category. The specifications for the engines used are as follows: for the most part they have all been 14 L engines, they have all been around 450 to 455 hp, they have also been six-cylinder motors. For the majority of the type of trucking that people will do, this will be more than enough for them.

Sterling AT9500 Engine


Another very important feature are the dual diesel plan tanks, meaning that you will have enough petrol to take you a long way. You’ll be able to work and drive a lot longer between having to fill up your truck. This is a huge advantage for people who depend on their truck to make the money they want to make. The more time that you are able to spend on the road, the more money you are going to make. This is one of the reasons that a lot of people pick this type of truck.

5th Wheel

The type of 5th Wheel is also important for a lot of people.  This determines the the towing capacity, ease of towing, safety and the level of comfort you will have.  This particular model uses air slide which is one of the most popular types of fifth wheel on the market.  They are the most commonly used because they simply work very well.



When it comes to convenience, you do not get a lot in the form of creature comforts.  However, you do get enough to keep you fairly comfortable for a long ride. The main comfort feature that you will find are the type of seats that are in side of the truck. Many people who have reviewed this type of truck speak on the comfort of them for the price. This is very important for people who drive all day. Another very important feature is the air conditioning. Yes, if you drive your truck during the warmer months, air conditioning is the difference between riding in comfort and having a horrible time.


Another key benefit of the Sterling AT9500 is affordability.  You you can find it for a very affordable price, both new and used. For anyone who is looking to add a truck to their fleet, or if you are an owner operator, this might just be your perfect opportunity.  This model has an excellent price point for what you get.


Wrapping up the review, we talked about the nuts and the bolts of the Sterling AT9500 Tandem Axle truck. We gave information about the engine and the power that it has.  We talked about the fuel, the fifth wheel, and the convenience features that you will find. Our research, tells us that this is a fairly popular truck.  This is a truck you will see on the road every day.

We know that the Sterling AT9500 Tandem Axle truck can handle all kinds of trucking duties.  This truck can handle the workload of people who do local and regional runs to over the road truckers and everything in between.  If you are looking for a reliable and reputable make and model of truck for your business, this is one that might work perfectly for you.