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How Our Reviews Work for this Heavy Duty Truck by Peterbilt

We get excited at KC Wholesale when it comes to writing reviews about any kind of truck, and for this particular article, the Peterbilt 379 tandem axle sleeper our process is to find the best information.

We see information online from people who own this type of truck, we find information from industry experts who write about the various makes and model of trucks for a living, to find out what the general consensus is when it comes to this type of vehicle and if we can recommend it to you or not.

We are always looking for objective information but also a little bit of personal information based on owner belief which is also very important as well. Because we know that we don’t just buy a heavy duty truck for what it delivers on paper but instead because of its reputation on the road.
Peterbilt 377 (4523958978)By Spanish Coches (Peterbilt 377) [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

General Consensus of the Peterbilt 379 119 Model

When it comes to the Peterbilt 379 tandem axle sleeper, the general consensus is perfect.

Anyone who has been around the trucking community for any amount of time, probably understand and know who the Peterbilt company is. They know that it is one of the most popular brands of truck manufacturers there is. You will find many of their trucks on the road each and every day.

Matter of fact, you cannot go on just about any street and not see them. They really are that popular. So they already come with an excellent reputation. The most critical thing typically is if this particular model is right for you.

If you are an on the road trucker, if you are going to spend a lot of time, a lot of nights, then you want a sleeper truck. If you’re that type of trucker, then this will work for you.

According to the people who have purchased it, it is one of the best in its price range. Several people state that this Peterbilt model is known for its reliability and ease of service.

General Feature List for the Peterbilt 379 Truck

The Peterbilt 379 holds a Cat C15 550 HP engine that is ready to pull the most massive load that you can throw at it. Dual fuel tanks to keep you on the road with plenty of fuel until you are prepared to unhook and schedule your next job. A smooth and road ready Manual 18 Speed Transmission.

Extra Features Include Jake, Overdrive, Cruise control and power steering.

The Peterbilt 379 has a rear gear ratio of 3.36. It is a tandem axle 12,000 front and 40,000 rear axle machine. The suspension is a low air leaf system. A great easy to handle long wheelbase of 252″.

To better save fuel, this heavy duty truck is equipped with lighter aluminum wheels with piloted rears without a comprise. Quality air brakes that can quickly stop you on the road, preventing accidents and keeping you safe for the next several hundred miles.

Summary of the Peterbilt 379 Tandem Axle Sleeper

Hopefully, by reading our review of the Peterbilt 379 tandem axle sleeper, you now know if it is the right type of truck for you or not.

We hope that our information was objective and told you the things that you are looking to learn about this type of vehicle.

We understand that buying a truck is a significant thing, you will depend on it for its reliability and to make money. So making the best possible decision is crucial. You’re doing the right thing by looking on the Internet for information about these trucks and if they are reliable and if they will deliver what you are looking for.

Based on the information that we were able to find on the Internet by people who own the Peterbilt 379, both general information about the specifications, the reputation of this type of vehicle, and our own experience, we can say that for the majority of people who own it they do recommend it to other people.

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