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Peterbilt History

In the early 1900s, lumber industry workers could only float their logs down long and winding rivers as their means of logistics. This expensive and difficult method was the way freight was moved until T.A. Peterman took a page from the automobile industry and developed trucks that did the job better and faster.peterbilt-kc-wholesale

The Peterman team assembled military trucks, replaced the outdated crank motors, and by the late 1930s, Peterman had bought his own motor company, and the truck dynasty was born.

Although Peterman passed away in the early ’40s, a new team of savvy owners ushered in the modern Peterbilt era and is the dynamic trucking company America recognizes today.

Furthermore, the Peterbilt 379 alone boasts a rich history. They were manufactured between the years 1986 and 2007. The 379’s had a fiberglass hood with a gorgeous steep hood slope. They were not available in the signature long hood style, but they were available with a set-back front axle. The 379’s were popular and efficient in local and vocational trucking, as well as the road hauling.

The best part of a Peterbilt 379, however, is the terrific CAT 3406 engine. Caterpillar is built American tough and is a manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment trucks and engines. The line of engines in the 3406 models are equipped for hauling heavy boats and can be used for even the most challenging jobs.

Engine Specs

At the very heart of the 3406 is the dynamic four stroke, six-cylinder, diesel engine. It boasts an 893 cubic inch displacement and is designed with a 6.5-inch stroke and 5.4 bore. The turbocharger is located onboard and puts out continual power even at maximum engine speed. As a result, be sure to change the oil every 250 hours.

Power Generation Specifications

A power generator is added to a turbo-diesel engine and uses a single bearing and four pole magnet. The onboard voltage regulator is three phase, which senses voltage and hertz. The generator is located in a metal frame near the engine and can generate an output of 313.8 horsepower.

Equipment – Standard


The CAT engine and generator include many great features. Efficient cooling, exhaust, and lube system, along with a handsome instrument panel are just a few examples. The air intake in a CAT 3406 is complete with an anti-corrosion coating and a standard air filter. At the core of the CAT engine cooling system is an expansion tank, oil coolers in the transmission and a gear-drive sea water pump. In addition to the key features of the CAT equipment, operators of this motor can check operation metrics, like engine temperature, oil pressure and many of the settings right on the instrument panel.

Size and Weight

The 3406 engine weighs a total of 6,819 pounds (dry) before the installation of any added accessories. The length is 117.28 inches measuring from one end of the engine to the flywheel. The width is 39.22 inches overall. The CAT 3406 measures 58.04 inches in total height. A wide range of added accessories can be purchased and are available at your local Caterpillar dealer, You may opt for a completely different transmission, adding to the size and weight of the generator.

To be sure, the 3406B is truly one of the best engines Caterpillar ever made. It’s why many owners and operators claim it to be “a true million-mile motor.”

In conclusion, KC Wholesale has several Peterbilt trucks in stock for you to choose from.  One, in particular, is a 1988 Custom Peterbilt 379. This 379 model is a Peterbilt, Daycab, 119 Hood, CAT 3406B, RTO15618 18 Speed transmission, 390 ratio air slide, fully custom fenders, 8″ California tip stacks, Dual SS breathers, gorgeous all new custom interior, full restoration dual line, wet kit, 10 aluminum wheels, 24.5 tires, custom paint. Over 30,000 dollars spent in restoration and paintwork. Notably, this beautiful truck has 416,000 original miles and would be an asset to any truck line


Come visit us today!  This one is a beauty!