Peterbilt 357 Review

Peterbilt 357 is a truck like no other, and KC Wholesale has a variety of Peterbilt heavy duty trucks for sale. If you’re a new heavy-duty driver or a seasoned pro, we’ve put together information in a Peterbilt 357 review to help you determine if it’s the right truck for your needs.

In the early 20th century, the lumber industry could only manage to float giant logs down winding rivers as a means of transportation. This costly, laborious and back-breaking method was how heavy duty freight was moved until pioneer businessman T.A. Peterman looked to the automobile industry and its technology for developing trucks that could handle the job more efficiently.

Peterman and his team rebuilt a large supply of military trucks, replaced the start-by-crank mechanisms, and by the end of the great depression, he had purchased his own motor company in Oakland, California. At that time he only produced two logging trucks, but they proved to be very successful. The Peterbilt trucking dynasty was born.


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After Peterman died in the early 1940s, his company was sold, but the land was retained. The new team of savvy investors and dedicated owners were quickly put into place ushering in a flurry of expansion. Then in 1960, Peterbilt moved to a newer, larger facility and became the heavy haul trucking company we recognize today. The trucking company that includes the Peterbilt 379, Peterbilt 351, and the Peterbilt 357

Although the Peterbilt name and stamp of excellence was already secure in America’s trucking psyche, it became even more famous in 1971 when the now classic Peterbilt butterfly hood and “narrow nose” was featured in the Steven Spielberg thriller Duel. 

Without question, one of the most popular over-the-road trucks of the past several decades has been the rugged Peterbilt 357 heavy haul. The 357 debuted in the 1990s and, although it has since been replaced by the 367, it is still regarded as a classic in vocational trucks – built with strength in mind, always reliable, completely customizable, and known as a heavy-duty workhorse.

In 2010 Peterbilt expanded the vocational 357 with two newer models: a 357-115, which was four inches smaller than the original; and the 357 “Heavy Haul” with an extra cooling package and power engines. Both feature super maneuverability and an axle with a front setback for avoiding weight shifting in certain parts of the country.

The 357-115 has a 68-inch axle which steers from the rear of the cab so it can handle a larger amount of freight. Whether you are pulling a dumper, logger or mixer, this axle gives a terrific tight wheel turn and an improved turning radius.

This truck uncovers a stylish sloped hood and a lowered crown for improving the driver’s ability to see, and a grille that features increased visibility of tricky roads and terrain that may lie ahead. Even the view to the side is designed for greater visibility.

The frame rail and grille, along with the front engine power takeoff, is a standard feature from Peterbilt.  There is a stable auxiliary equipment mount with a hydraulic pump that can even power the barrel of a mixer. The equipment is simple to work on; much easier than when it lived in the back of the cab. KC Wholesale is your one-stop shop for all services and repair for your Peterbilt trucks including Peterbilt 357 parts. 


The Peterbilt 357 Heavy Haul features a radiator core with 1,440 square inches and has the capability of cooling any sized engine – even the high powered Caterpillar 625 horsepower diesel. It can pull trailers or lowboys, whether you are hauling or logging. 

The Peterbilt 357 dump truck also has a 119-inch setback axle up front. It can be ordered in either the truck or the Peterbilt 357 tractor model. The Metton hood is lightweight, but don’t be fooled – it’s also strong, durable and can handle the most jolting of impacts that would otherwise crack fiberglass. The hood can be opened without interrupting any of the auxiliary equipment mounted out on the front bumper. KC Wholesale is the place to visit for all of your truck care needs. Not only do we have Peterbilt heavy duty trucks for sale in stock for you, but KC Wholesale is here for your diesel parts, service or bodywork. A driver can enjoy a wide range of options like comfortable suspension and heavy-duty axles and frame rails.

Great sleeper cabs are available. Peterbilt teamed with Mercury and designed custom sleeper sizes. One of the roomiest is the 63 inch sleeper featuring a cab walk-thru. The raised roof sleeper on the 357 also carries through to the 379 model. In 1994, Peterbilt debuted their Unibilt sleeper. Both the cab and sleeper are air-ride, and the model change incorporated the roomy opening from the cab to the sleeper. The Unibilt sleeper suspension has shocks and airbags – and the sleeper cab can be disengaged.

Peterbilt attention to safety is second to none. Peterbilt trucks offer collision mitigation technology with sophisticated cameras and radar systems. Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping technology, and stationary object braking are all standards.

Peterbilt SmartLINQ offers advanced “reasoning technology” and assists skilled technicians with diagnostics and repairs. It keeps an eye on over 750 engine codes and, when connected to SmartLINQ’s advanced technology, your truck stays serviced and on schedule. Service is streamlined due to SmartLINQ’s ability to contact Peterbilt dealerships and service centers in your immediate area. 

SmartAIR climate control features a highly efficient, low idle system keeping you cool and comfortable.

kc-wholesale-peterbilt-357SmartNAV gives you a virtual communications hub at your fingertips with precise navigation and hands-free Bluetooth, complete with news, information, and entertainment. The color SmartNAV touch-screen allows interaction with technology. And when your job diverts your attention, SmartNav has your back with voice recognition, so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. SmartNav also features the intelligent CoPilot Live, configuring routes better suited to your truck’s height, weight, and axles. The CoPilot assists with estimated arrival times, keeping you efficient and on time.

Peterbilt provides a TruckCare Roadside Assistance app and connects to Peterbilt call center for 24/7 roadside assistance. Get the full use of business management productivity applications like the calculator, calendar, alarm clock, and hands-free voice recorder.

Visit KC Wholesale, take home a Peterbilt 357, and you’ll have a reliable business partner for the life of your trucking career.