Kenworth T880 Review

Since 1923, Kenworth has been updating and improving their trucks, and the durable T880 workhorse is no exception. Our Kenworth T880 review supports the success of their six-year evolution.

The Kenworth T880 was first produced in 2013 and nearly every driver went crazy for it. Today, the company proudly reports that close to 70% of its faithful drivers now prefer either the Kenworth T800 or T880 model.


The T880 is the perfect combination of sleek design and smart technology. It features a dramatically sloped hood, excellent fuel-efficiency, increased safety measures, and an aerodynamic body style. The Kenworth t880 interior comfort along with its maneuverability is truly second to none. It can be custom ordered and tricked out or dressed down in its most simple form.

kenworth-kc-wholesaleNo matter how many trucks you have an opportunity to drive or own, the Kenworth T880 is the truck drivers long to call their own. With a stellar exterior and a spacious, quiet and state-of-the-art control center, it is the envy of professional drivers across the country.

Top dog’s Kenworth T880 sleeper stands at 76 inches. This truck is perfect for your tanker or flat-deck and is shorter and lighter than a higher sleeper cab. You’ll find the Kenworth t880 interior to be comfortable and roomy, and if you’re not needing a duel bunk, the T880 allows for a good amount of storage. Two great features are the swiveling passenger seat and ample headroom. If you aren’t over 6’8” you can stand fully upright in the cab.

The Kenworth t880 sleeper also offers great customization options. Beacon lights and horns can be mounted on the cab roof, and a handsome, sleek, chrome side exhaust vent is available as well.

The T880 can pull a fully loaded trailer with up to 80,000 lbs, but for better fuel economy, you can also hook up to a smaller trailer.

The Kenworth T880 is equipped with the reliable 12.9 liter Paccar MX-13 engine and rated at a maximum of 500 horsepower and 1,850 pounds of torque. Kenworth t880 is perfectly powered for any hills or terrain you happen to encounter. You are completely safe and comfortable when passing slower trucks on steep hills. The Eaton transmission with UltraShift Plus feels like you’re gliding from gear to gear.

Although the heavy-duty exterior design for the Kenworth T800 is impressive, the remarkable craftsmanship of the interior is equally as breathtaking. The Kenworth T880 driving experience distinguishes it from every other truck on the road.

The long-time Kenworth motto is ‘Every great truck starts with a great grill,’ and the T880 lives up to its reputation. The wire mesh grill includes stainless steel for strength and durability. There’s a great bug protector and added protection for the cooling system. The handsome, chrome, box bumper is rapidly becoming a popular add-on as well.

The Kenworth T880 headlights are specifically designed for the demands of the trucking industry. These halogens are a breeze to replace (even without any tools), and the bulbs can be found at most department stores or automotive retail centers. The lenses are made of thick polycarbonate and even provide rock chip protection. The lights were specifically designed with a greater forward field of throw and much better illumination out front for improved safety during night driving.

The Kenworth T880’s exterior features an air cleaner which eliminates any debris and keeps the air cleaner in top condition for those overly dusty circumstances.

Lifting the Kenworth T880’s hood is simple, takes minimal effort, and can be opened wide for plenty of access. A pre-trip examination under the hood is no problem with everything positioned on the driver’s side. The best part is inside where you’ll find a system cycling inspection switch ensuring it is safe to take off.


The windshield has exceptional visibility. Kenworth has also lowered the hood, providing extra visibility up front.

The T880 mirrors are mounted on the cowl rather than the door. Without any door hinges, stability is dramatically improved. The mirrors stay positioned when your truck doors are opening and closing.

Hopping into your Kenworth T880 is a snap, with two handles on the door and optional handles available on the cab’s side. Knowing that some drivers grab the map pocket, it now supports an extra 350 lbs.

Throughout the Kenworth T880’s interior, all switches on the dash are electric, and their communications are routed through an electrical control unit. This allows for computerized monitors to see what the truck is actually doing and, in turn, allows or doesn’t allow certain functions to happen. (As an example, it will not allow you to raise and dump if the truck is traveling over a certain speed.)

The T880 front end is manufactured for any future repairs in mind. It comes with a five-piece hood that can be repaired easily, and the fenders are simply removable by unscrewing just a few bolts.

Excellent craftsmanship means a reliable truck. As a result, you are able to stay on the road longer and earn revenue miles. Consequently, owning a T880 is a smart decision. Durable and reliable parts and materials, along with fewer service trips and easier repairs, makes the Kenworth T880 one of the best business purchases you’ll ever make.

Take it from one truck owner to another. From the first time you drive your new T880, the Kenworth dealer network (with over 400 US locations) has your best interests in mind. You’re never far from Kenworth experts ready to help and get back on the road. Trust the Kenworth network. They’re like family, and they’re always there and ready to serve, whatever it is.


Get behind the wheel of a Kenworth T880 and you’ll notice the benefits from the very moment you start it up. From all of the extra room, additional functions, and interior accessories you’re sure to become a Kenworth T880 convert. With just the new amenities and ease of driving alone, this new Kenworth T880 is the cream of the crop.

Get the most bang for your buck. The sleek, heavy-duty, aerodynamic Kenworth T880.