Kenworth T800 Tandem Axle Sleeper Truck

The Kenworth T800 Tandem Axle Sleeper Truck runs on a CAT engine. These conventional trucks from Kenworth come equipped with a sleeper. The size of the sleeper depends on the model chosen. 24, 38, 40, and 52-inch sleepers are both available. The front axle weight of this truck starts at 12,000 pounds, and the rear axle weight is approximately 44,000 pounds. The truck’s wheelbase starts at 198 inches.

Kenworth Truck
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Kenworth Diesel Truck Features

These vehicles offer an array of features, including left-hand drive, power steering, cruise control, and overdrive. They’re specifically designed to offer a smooth and efficient driving experience. They offer a higher level of control than many similar sleeper truck models that are on the market.

This truck runs on diesel, and it has two tanks that can be filled with fuel. Because of this, the vehicle can be driven for long periods of time without stopping for gas. Most models also have dual exhaust and dual breathers. However, there are single exhaust models available.

This truck comes in a number of colors, including white, red, and green. Vehicles have a grey plush interior and come equipped with a visor. Certain models come with unique amenities like heated mirrors, which allows the truck to be safely driven in colder weather.

Some semi truck drivers customize their heavy duty rig for that personal touch. Need ideas for tricking out your truck? See what the team at VW-T are doing for similar needs in their custom vans.

This truck features aluminum wheels, which improves the overall durability of the vehicle. Trucks like this need to be designed to withstand long drives. When you drive a vehicle like this, you can expect damage to the wheels of the truck to be kept at a minimum.

All of Kenworth’s trucks are custom-built to meet the unique needs of their customers. Because of this, you’ll see quite a bit of variety from one T800 truck to another. Whether you buy a new or used truck from Kenworth, you can expect to receive a first-rate product.

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Semi Truck Driver’s Choice – Kenworth

The T800 was specifically created by Kenworth to be a driver’s truck. When you get behind the wheel of this truck, you’ll instantly be able to feel the difference. It’s the ultimate work truck, capable of performing a number of challenging jobs with a high level of efficiency.

When you choose to buy a Kenworth T800, you’ll be able to enjoy many advantages. These trucks have real strength and stamina behind them, and they are also economical to operate. Some jobs require a great deal of effort to complete. These jobs require a truck like the T800.

Kenworth has been producing both heavy and medium duty trucks for more than 90 years. They began custom-engineering their trucks back in 1923, and have continued to grow and expand their operations since then. Their trucks are designed with both vocational and highway operations in mind.

Kenworth is one of the most respected names in the world of truck manufacturing, and they’ve worked hard to earn that respect. They work hard to offer their customers a range of customization options so that they can get exactly what they want. They have partnerships with many companies, and they strive to maintain high standards of quality.

The T800 can serve as a bulk tractor, a tanker, a dump truck, a mixer, a heavy hauler, or a refuse truck. It’s an incredibly versatile vehicle that was specifically created to take on the most challenging jobs. It’s one of the most versatile worker trucks of all time.

The Kenworth T800 Tandem Axle Sleeper Truck is an efficient and well-designed truck that is ideal for long-distance driving. While newer models of this truck offer more features, older models still have a lot to offer. They’re an effective truck that offers a great deal of value for the price.

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