International 9400 Truck Model Review

The International 9400 is a Class 8 semi-trailer truck and was manufactured by Navistar International.  The 9400 heavy duty truck has a conventional layout.  This truck comes both a single axle or tandem rear axle.  It also comes with the choice of a Day cab or a Sleeper cab.  The engines used by Navistar International to build these trucks were the Cat Detroit Cummins.  Although the 9000 series of truck was discontinued and replaced with the LT, RH and HX series, it should not be a deterrent in your choice to purchase a 9400.   The International 9400 is a great truck with great features!

When you talk about a long history in truck building the name International is sure to come up.  International started out as International Motor Trucks and then changed to International Harvester Company in 1914.  The company was again renamed in 1986 to Navistar International.  This company has been around for over a century making trucks that last!

 International 9400International 9400 Heavy DutyTruck

Popular Feature Options of the International 9400

The International 9400 has many popular features.  Some of the most popular feature options are listed below:


  1. Cummins
    1. ISM: 280-370 hp ratings
    2. ISX: 435-565 hp ratings
  2. Caterpillar
    1. C-12: 380-445 hp ratings
    2. C-15: 435-525 hp ratings


  1. Fuller 10, 13, 15, 18-Speed Manual
  2. ZF Meritor Freedom Line 12-Speed Fully Automated Manual
  3. Eaton Fuller Auto Shift 10, 18-Speed Manual

Axle, Front, I-Beam Type

  1. Meritor
    1. Wide-Track 12,000, 14,000-lb Capacity
    2. Standard Track 12,000-lb Capacity
    3. Standard Track 12,000, 13,200-lb Capacity, Integrated Hub

Axle, Rear, Tandem

  1. Meritor Single-Reduction
    1. 40,000-lb Capacity, available with Lube Pump, Aluminum Carriers and Driver-Controlled Differential Locks
    2. 46,000-lb Capacity, available with Driver-Controlled Main Locking Differential

Suspension, Rear, Air, Tandem

  1. International Ride-Optimized Suspension (IROS) 40,000-lb Capacity, 52″, 55″, 60″ Axle Spacing
  2. Hendrickson
    1. 40,000- or 46,000-lb Capacity, 55″ Axle Spacing
    2. 46,000-lb Capacity, 60″ Axle Spacing
  3. International 4-Spring Type, Multi-leaf, 34,000, 36,000, 40,000-lb Capacity, 52″ Axle Spacing


  1. Bendix 4-Channel Anti-lock Brake System*
  2. Meritor-Wabco 4-Channel

Fuel Tanks

  1. Single
    1. 100: 24″, 26″ polished and non-polished
    2. 115: 26″ polished
    3. 120: 24″ non-polished
  2. Dual
    1. 100: 24″, 26*” Polished and Non-Polished Aluminum
    2. 115: 26″ Polished and Non-Polished Aluminum
    3. 120: 24″ Non-Polished
    4. 150: 26″ Polished and Non-Polished Aluminum


  1. Goodyear
  2. Michelin

Fifth Wheel

  1. Fontaine Stationary
  2. Air Slide 12″, 24″, 36″ Sliders (Cast or Stamped)

Wheels – Front & Rear

  1. Disc: 22.5″, 24.5″ Painted*, Polished and Non-Polished Aluminum
  2. Dual Disc: 22.5″, 24.5″ Painted, Polished and Non-Polished Aluminum


  1. Lo-Roof Sleeper:
    1. 51″ Seat to Inside Back of Cab, with 37″ Wide Bunk
  2. Hi-Rise Sleeper:
    1. 51″ Seat to Inside Back of Cab with 37″ Wide Bunk
    2. 72″ Seat to Inside Back of Cab, with 37″ Wide Bunk
  3. Sky-Rise Sleeper:
    1. 72″ Seat to Inside Back of Cab, with 37″ Wide Bunk

Popular Enhancement Options

  1. Aero Package: Chassis Skirts
  2. Roof Air Fairing
  3. Aero Mirrors
  4. Aero Sunshade
  5. Bumper Air Dam
  6. Remote Key-less Entry System
  7. Leather Heated Seats Burl Walnut and Leather Steering Wheel
  8. Premium and Eagle Interior
  9. Telephone Accommodation Package
  10. *Standard Equipment

Why Purchase an International 9400?

When you purchase an International 9400, you’re buying a truck that was built by a value-based company.  Subsequently, you can expect a quality product that will provide you with years of service.   Whether your job has you driving on a day trip or overnight trip, this truck is top notch.  It was designed for efficiency and a comfortable ride.  Above all, this truck is a workhorse!

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