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Heavy Duty Truck Services by KC Wholesale

KC Wholesale offers a variety of Heavy Duty Truck Services including; DPF Services, Emissions Diagnostics, Electrical Systems Maintenance and Repair, Transmission and Engine Repair, and Heavy Duty Chassis straightening and alignments.

Heavy Duty Truck Services by KC Wholesale

Diesel Particulate Filtration Cleaning and Replacement Services

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) receive and collect various forms of matter known as Particulate Matter (PM. This particulate matter must be periodically removed from the DPF, or the vehicle’s performance will be degraded. The process of removing the PM is known as regeneration, during which there is an increase in emissions. Depending on the duty cycle of the Heavy Duty Diesel, HDD, the regeneration of the DPF can take many different forms and frequency of occurrence.

A DPF, also know as a soot trap, is a filter that receives the engine’s exhaust, capturing and storing soot to help reduce harmfull emissions from many diesel cars and trucks. When the vehicle is driven at speeds above 40 miles per hour for around 10 to 15 minutes or more, several engine management systems will actively regenerate the DPF. The soot particles trapped in the filter should shortly burn away, and the vehicle’s warning indicator should go out. Most DPFs build up ash and soot while underuse and gradually lose their filtering effectiveness. Just the DPF filter, alone, can cost as much as $10,000 to replace, however, the cost of cleaning the filter, instead of replacing it, is a cost-effective solution. DPF Cleaning prices can fall between a range of $350 and $500, depending on the cleaning procedure used and your location in the country.

DPFs are similar to catalytic converters in that they are attached to the same pipe on the vehicle. The DPF receives the black exhaust smoke and filters most of the pollution out, while the catalytic converter breaks down exhaust fumes to their elements. It is possible for a blocked or clogged DPF to prevent the turbo from working properly. If the DPF becomes blocked, always replace the turbocharger core assembly to prevent possible oil leaks, which would cause greater damage and higher repair bills.

Removing your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) is illegal. Removing the DPF can also cause major mechanical issues inside the engine, which ends up costing you a lot of money in repair bills.

20 to 40 minutes is all it takes for the regeneration process to complete. While the process is running your engine’s RPMs will increase, but it will return to expected RPMs when regen is finished. Seeing the High Exhaust System Temperature (HEST) indicator is expected, which simply means what the name indicates, high exhaust system temperatures.

Once one of our certified mechanics is in possession of the vehicle, it usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes to remove the DPF, place it on a machine for cleaning, cleans it for about a half hour, then reinstalls the filter on the vehicle. If baking is needed, it may take up to an entire business day in the machine for the process to complete.

Diesel Emissions Diagnostics Testing

Diesel Emissions Diagnostics

Diesel emission inspections are conducted by using an opacity meter and dynamo-meter. A dynamo-meter applies a load to simulate driving conditions. The opacity meter measures the visible particulate emissions of your exhaust fumes. A sample of the exhaust is gathered and evaluated by the opacity meter. Inspection for tampering with emission control devices, visually, is also part of the inspection procedure.

diesel transmission service and repair - rebuild - new transmissions

Engine and Transmission Repair Services

Moving loads across the country, or in town, creates wear and tear on your engine and transmission. Maintaining your diesel engine and transmission is critical for having a long-lasting, dependable vehicle.

We suggest you schedule regular maintenance for your heavy-duty truck, ensuring all engine systems are performing at their highest potential.

Many of our clients praise our ability to keep their heavy-duty vehicle in top performing condition. They drive with confidence, knowing their diesel truck is reliable in all driving conditions.
Don’t be stranded on the roadside, wishing you had brought your big rig in for an inspection, before that long road trip.

We specialize in all major diesel engine manufacturers including Cummins, International, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel engines. We honor manufacturer warranties from all major diesel engine and transmission providers.

Heavy Duty Truck Electrical Systems Repair and Services

Heavy Duty Truck Electrical Systems

Electrical systems in your Heavy Duty Truck are similar to those in regular cars. A starter component receives a low-level current, causing the starter to pull the needed amount of energy from the battery to turn the flywheel, causing your engine to turn over and start running. The power pulled from the battery is regenerated by the alternator. Power used by a running vehicle is generated by the alternator. These three components; starter motor, battery, and alternator, are the major electrical parts of your trucks electrical system.

KC Wholesale inspects wiring in and around these major components. We look for corrosion, loose wire connectivity, and other causes of malfunction.

Heavy Duty Truck Chassis Repair Services

Collision and Body Repair for your Heavy Duty Truck

Our Collision Repair Technicians specialize in body repair work, restoring your diesel to its original condition. It’s essential to have your vehicle returned to you, in the same condition before the accident.

We also specialize in customized applications of chrome and specialty paint jobs, adding your personal touch to your big rig.


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